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Bug river – waterway

Unlike the Warta and Oder, the Bug river is a dynamic one, similar in that respect to the Vistula. It is full of shallows, stone reefs and sandbanks, and now and again you have to look for passages between islands, which are often large. The gorge section on the Bug river is captivating: the river meanders and then moves faster, painstakingly carving out the high banks, which are difficult to climb. The river bends are full of sandy shores. Riverbanks covered with magnificent trees felled by beavers stretch for kilometres. Below, you will find a description of the approximately 200 km-long section of the Bug river located entirely within the borders of Poland. There is no description for the 200 km-long section of the Bug river in Ukraine, or the 363 km-long section of the river running along the Polish-Ukrainian or Polish-Belarusian borders. Please remember that cruising upstream on the Bug river along the border above Niemirów is difficult if not impossible, as the river flows through the Brest (Brześć) fortress in Belarus at the Terespol-Brest junction.